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Puerto Rican urban movement pioneer Yeyo787 is back with a new chapter of his musical series Filosofia Kallejera. Dropping on August 18th, 2023 “Consecuencias” (which translates to consequences) speaks on the global phenomenon where people are creating alternative realities without considering that every action, every expression, every decision has consequences directly or indirectly. With another display of lyrical proficiency over an intense and cinematic instrumental Yeyo787 proves once again that his writing and production style continues evolving.
“I wrote this song with several purposes. I want to inspire and motivate, remind you that anything is possible. I also want to touch on real life scenarios and remind you that social media has diluted the concept of privacy, has many acting like fools for popularity instead of focusing on displaying talent. Those decisions taken now and uploading certain content will follow your whole life. Everything has its consequences.“

⎮Performer(s): YEYO787
⎮Author(s): Emilio Jose Cancio-Bello
⎮Producer(s): Emilio Jose Cancio-Bello

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