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The San Antones come to you live and direct from their beloved, big state of Texas. Generating a modern, yet classic sound, the band derives its roots from their love, admiration and respect for the Reggae music genre. Long time friends, Kevin Groeneveld (strings) and Geo Ramos (drums) came up with the idea for this passion project after putting their blood, sweat and tears into previous bands for nearly a decade. Now well experienced with the ups and downs of the music industry, the two decided to begin creating new melodies and inspiration with a more laid back approach instead of putting the pressure of expectations, deadlines and any other business-related roadblocks in the back of their minds. The free flowing sounds of The San Antones stem from being able to do the project 100% independently. From the jam sessions, to the studio and production, everything is done in-house or with the help of friends and family. Their debut EP, The Walking Texas Danger embodies this new approach to putting out tasty riddims for all to enjoy. Tracked at their very own Alamo KNG studios and mixed and mastered by the legendary Roger Rivas of Los Angeles, the premiere of The San Antones features strictly instrumental jams designed to get you moving and grooving. Song titles such as “Chasing Windmills” and “Texafornia” also show the band’s humorous side backed by the professionalism of musicians who take their craft seriously. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Join us as we humbly invite you to enjoy the sounds and licks of THE SAN ANTONES.

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