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Susan Augustt is an abundantly gifted singer who moves seamlessly between genres and styles. She creates neo afro-soul pieces poignantly blended with traditional Ghanaian music. Indigenous Ghanaian rhythms such as highlife, agbadza and kpanlogo influences her fuse with the soul, lending their parts in the crafting of a unique live sound that takes listeners on a satisfying journey of culture and taste. Susan is born of a Ga-Ewe decent and lived her early years in Obuasi, a suburb of the Ashanti Region in Ghana; she believes these multi culture experience has contributed to her versatility in her music. Apart from English she sings in two local languages,Twi and Ga. Her dream of becoming a musician started in High School when she led her school choir and also participated in music talent shows. Susan Augustt studied Psychology at the University of Ghana and whiles at it she took music a notch higher and became a part time session singer performing at hotels and private events. Susan Augustt begun her career as a recording artiste in 2016 where she was featured on a couple of singles, most popular was the song “Be my Lover” by FRA. In 2017 however she recorder her first EP; the Effects EP; a trio of songs in the neo-soul genre. If one thing was certain it was the fact that Susan was a Live music artiste who would embrace every chance to lighting up a stage with her performance. Together with her manager and artiste development coach they assembled one of the best young talented music bands, ADORKOR to continue the dream. Susan Augustt is able to rekindle the much-lacking live music scene in our parts. One from her EP is a song titled “Obaa” ; which is an ode to all hardworking women who break all boundaries to make their dreams come true and she hopes to become an inspiration to many more. This defines Susan Augustt. Susan is indeed made in Ghana but set for the World stage.

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