Spiny Norman 


Spiny Norman is a brand new foursome from The Netherlands, that goes against the grain to separate the wheat from the chaff! It consists of Ike and Sander (vocals/guitar/lyrics/composition), Sebastian (keys/backing vocals) and Aron (drums). The band has recently released its first single “End of the Season” on Spotify and iTunes, among other streaming services. In the remainder of 2019 two EPs are to follow.

How do you box in, which is outside of the box? Try Alt-pop / Retro-rock for size! Modern pop
music rooted in the sixties and seventies, that pushes the boundaries, but always colours
inside the lines. Sources of inspiration for the first EP are Paul Simon, Small Faces, Donovan,
Jeff Beck, and the inevitable Stones and Beatles, but also think of Sublime, A Tribe Called
Quest and Tame Impala.

Spiny Norman, named after an imaginary hedgehog from a Monty Python sketch, in
turn, wants to appeal to the imagination with a varied repertoire, made up of complex
compositions, refined rhythms, and moving melodies. Easy to listen to, easy to dance to,
however, never one-dimensional. Can the guys make good on this promise? It is up to you to


To guarantee optimal control over the creative process, everything except the mastering, is
done by the band members themselves. From lyrics, composition, arrangement, recording to the final mix. This gives the music its own distinct sound, directly transferred to the listener.

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