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Walboomers Music releases ‘Paramaribo’ by The Exmo Stars

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

As an ode and tribute to Ernie Seedo who sadly passed away much too early on November 30th 2019 we released today one the classic albums made by ‘The Exmo Stars’. Ernie Seedo aka Boogie was a multi-talented artist and one of the founders of recorded Saramaccan music. His career started with the ‘Band Wasgo’ from Bronsweg. In 1977 he founded with a group of friend the legendary ‘The Cosmo Stars’. From 1981 Boogie continued his glorious career with his cousin Onkel Seedo and Errol Burger as leader of ‘The Exmo Stars’. They were trendsetting and build a foundation for many other Suriname artists and groups to come after. The group was hugely popular in the Netherlands among the Suriname people. We hope this release will help everyone to overcome the loss of the singer of Kaseko classics as ‘Ette Pette’, ‘Langa Neki’ and many others. Our deep condolences to all his family, friends and relatives. May your soul rest in peace!


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