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Tkinzy releases ‘Stranger of Braamfontein’

Stranger Of Braamfontein is an song which shines light on how the foreign nationals are being treated in South Africa through the means of Xenophobia and racial injustice. A song which was inspired by a crime Novel by Onyeka Nwelue "The Strangers Of Braamfontein" which narrates how the foreigners, mostly Nigerians live in South Africa. Nigeria played a major role in helping South Africa fight apartheid but in return South Africa is ill-treating Nigerians and other foreign nationals. In loving tribute to the late and great South African reggae star Lucky Dube. Enjoy!

Anthony Felix, popularly known as Tkinzy is an Nigerian musician known for his great vocal and versatility. Tkinzy is regarded as one of the best growing talent coming out of the African continent. He has worked with many artists across Africa in the likes of Mlindo The Vocalist, Ntando Bangani, Robbie Malinga, and most recently with Emtee. In 2020 Tkinzy featured on a movie produced by the Nigerian writer and film director Onyeka Nwenue, a film which was shot in Johannesburg, Lagos and Seoul. Much more is to be expected from Tkinzy so keep your eyes and ears on him!

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