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Temitope Adebola releases debut album ‘God of all Possibilities’ (2020)

Evan Temitope Adebola is a 28 year old Gospel Music Minister from Lagos, Nigeria. She started music a long time ago as a Choir Member in her Church, she has composed a lot of songs for her Church when she was serving as a Choir Coordinator, and this has helped her to develop herself as the Gospel Music Minister she is today. She has performed as a Gospel Music Minister several times in her church.Temitope Adebola decided to start working with Walboomers Music to release her music to the world. Her debut album ‘God of all Possibilities’ followed by two singles titled ‘Odun Eyi’ and ‘You Are Worthy’ has been a blessing to anyone that come across them. The ‘God of all Possibilities’ album comprises of six tracks in which each of the tracks is ‘’proclaiming the abilities of God to make all things possible even when they seems impossible.’’ When it looks as if all hope is gone these songs will lift your soul and hope will come again. Enjoy the album!

Smart link to streaming platforms:

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