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Spiny Norman releases ‘’Talk Of The Town’’

‘’Talk Of The Town’’ by Dutch indie band Spiny Norman is a ballad about a reclusive writer, who buries himself in his work. We tend to fear what we don’t know, so his neighbours treat him with suspicion and he soon becomes the talk of the town. However, the writer labours on doggedly until he completes his novel and is finally able to reap the benefits of his work. The ones who were talking behind his back are now standing in line for an autograph of the taciturn author, who is able to articulate what they can’t say “with a million words.”

The verses have a sober and restrained character and are being accompanied by an intimate piano part and a serene string section. The vocals are fragile yet have a slight raw edge. They express the exhausted, melancholic mood of the writer, but also his exasperated tenacity. The choruses are contemplative in nature and comment on how the author is being judged by the people. With the deployment of electric guitars, exuberant choirs, and a significant increase in decibels, they are a lot more powerful and make for an excellent, albeit slightly wry, anthem. Enjoy!

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