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Spiny Norman releases brand new 80’s single ‘Talk The Talk’

Today embarks the day of the brand new Spiny Norman single ‘Talk The Talk’. Slip into your acid-washed jeans, put on your Ray-Ban Aviators, hop into Spiny Norman’s DeLorean and let it transport you back to the eighties with a dazzling speed of 88 miles per hour! For this musical foray the band members rolled up the sleeves of their blazers to bring you a full-blown synth-pop hit. They give their own unique twist to the popular genres of the eighties with bubblegum pop synthesizers, a healthy dose of reverb on the claps and lofty echoes on the vocals. In addition, the listener gets treated to a tropical guitar solo and quick-witted lyrics. Enjoy yourself and keep on streaming Spiny Norman!


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