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Spiny Norman releases alt-rock single ‘Left Lane’

The single ‘Left Lane’ by the Dutch band Spiny Norman is an alternative rock track about a nightly road trip, in which the tormented driver is trying to return to his lover. However, it is questionable whether he will reach his final destination, due to his troubled state of mind. After an ominous intro with a descending guitar riff, Left Lane begins with an oppressive and intimate verse, where the vocals take the center stage. As the song progresses, the accompaniment becomes rougher, larger and more complex, while the lyrics get more defiant and stray further from the accepted social standards. The last verse expresses the existential crisis of the lonesome wrong-way driver, who is unable to find guidance in religion, morality, or any other higher truth. The end is introduced by a manic repetition of the chorus, a guitar solo that mimics the melody line of the verse and a virtuoso Moog synthesizer solo to top it off. Enjoy!

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