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Slick Brown releases smooth single ‘’Shorty’’

Slick Brown is a singer-songwriter and producer from Suriname with years of professional experience. His long career as a music artist had brought him not only a deal with EMI, but also many live performances and tv appearances. "You can get in, or you can get out," Slick Brown croons appropriately on "Shorty," his latest track. Indeed, his music does defy easy categorization, unfurling its tentacles outwards from R&B and flirting with several vague reference points. Musically, he’s Tory Lanez, but less indistinct; Kid Cudi, but less psychedelic; Daniel Caesar, but less earthy. Lyrically, he's Camp-era Childish Gambino, but more secure in his identity; a poet who traffics in youthful sincerity, but somehow doesn’t come across as cloying. Enjoy Slick Brown’s new, buttery-smooth single ‘’Shorty’’!

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