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Slick Brown releases smooth R&B single ‘I Like It’

Slick Brown is an experienced musician, singer-songwriter and producer. His perseverance in the music industry which brought him a deal with EMI, many live performances – of which once he was as the opening act for Kevin Lyttle – and tv appearances. His newest release ‘I Like It’ showcases that Slick Brown has an all-encompassing love for music, which he channels into his mixture of textured Trap-Soul, soft-pop and contemporary R&B. His musical background strongly lays in Trap-Soul, yet has his own vivid way to reel you in with his subtle butter-smooth vocals. An artist that is full of substance, always open to showing his vulnerabilities and very much uses this as fuel for his music. His newest track ‘I Like It’ displays this well and further exemplifies why he will be the artist to watch in 2021. Enjoy!

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