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Slick Brown releases R&B-Soul single ‘All Day’

Slick Brown is a singer-songwriter and producer from Suriname with years of professional experience. His long career as a music artist had brought him not only a deal with EMI, but also many live performances and tv appearances. Slick Brown brings contemporary R&B, Afropop and dancehall with various (Latin) influences. Slick Brown his music is like a mosaic of sounds that warp around you. There’s an almost ghostly psychedelic tinge to his voice on songs like his newest single ‘All day’, which is so in tune with the instrumentation it almost sounds as if Slick himself is emanating from each acoustic guitar string plucks. As with most R&B-soul, Slick Brown’s music can’t fit in a box, it can only be felt by the soul. Enjoy his newest single ‘All day’!

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More information or request an interview? Please contact or call +31.20.4713107

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