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Slick Brown releases R&B single ‘Big Bubble’

Slick Brown is an experienced musician, singer-songwriter and producer. He was born in Suriname but settled in Amsterdam a long time ago. In The Netherlands, he started pursuing his career in music, which brought him a deal with EMI, many live performances – of which once he was as the opening act for Kevin Lyttle – and tv appearances. Slick Brown is known

for his catchy contemporary Afropop, R&B and dancehall music. Now it’s time for his exciting new trap-R&B single ‘Big Bubble’ featuring Sher. Slick takes the classic storytelling approach to recount the ill-fated tale of what happens when a man falls for bootylicious mistresses. His relatable lyrics and strong singing allow him to diversify his sound, creating an aesthetically pleasing trap/R&B combination. Enjoy ‘Big Bubble’ by Slick!

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