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Slick Brown releases ‘How Do You Want It’

Slick Brown is a singer-songwriter and producer from Suriname with years of professional experience. His long career as a music artist had brought him not only a deal with EMI, but also many live performances and tv appearances. His voice sounds as if it rests on a cloud it pierces to shine inviting light on. The whispered intimacy and healer vibes of his music are reminiscent of new school hiphop-soul artist Slick Brown. Listen to his newest single ‘How Do You Want It’ and elevate. That’s Slick Brown, a mood conductor often sending listeners on hazy travels to different emotional states. His voice is smoldering in the way a lit candle is, illuminating in its slow burn and relaxing in its effects. Enjoy ‘How Do You Want It’ by Slick Brown!

Smart link to streaming platforms:

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