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Ras Karbi releases roots reggae single ‘The President’

Ras Karbi was born on the Island of Jamaica. At the age of 17 while on a scholarship at The Jamaica School of Art, he started his first band, ‘The Now Generation’. After being rewarded multiple scholarships in the United States he was confronted with discrimination and police brutality during his education in Rhode Island. This caused him to return back to Jamaica. He kept pursuing his dreams and in 1983 his song “Jamaica I’ll Never Leave You Again” won a landslide victory in The Jamaica National Song Contest. Today, Ras Karbi releases his new single ‘The President’. In this song he expresses his criticism about current politics and proposes why and how Ras Karbi would become the new president. The music under his singing is very positive and uplifting. ⁠Enjoy this beautiful new reggae single!

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