Ras Karbi releases reggae single ‘Rise up Jah Jah Children’

Ras Karbi was born on the Island of Jamaica. At the age of 17 while on a scholarship at The Jamaica School of Art, he started his first band, “The Now Generation”. After graduating, he was awarded scholarships by The Brooklyn Museum Art School in New York and later, by the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design where he studied sculpture and acting, while pursuing a degree in music at Brown University. Confronted with discrimination and police brutality in Rhode Island, he returned to Jamaica later that year and attended a private audition with Island Record’s president Chris Blackwell and Michael Butler. In 1983 his song “Jamaica, I’ll Never Leave You Again” won a landslide victory in The Jamaica National Song Contest.

One morning at daybreak, Instead of the usual sunrise, a huge tower of mud rose from the ground about a mile away and a mile high in the sky. At the top of the tower a huge wheel spins fast with flashing lights and colours of the rainbow that spread all across the sky. People were running toward the tower while others were being caught in the rays. Some were screaming in pain, some weeping and moaning. A man whose face looked familiar held on to his hat and discharging a gun as he fell to the ground. I was hit by one of the bullet and began floating up toward the top of the huge tower. With the lyrics and melody in my head I awoke; RISE UP JAH JAH CHILDREN.

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Ce1jbF

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