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Ras Karbi releases reggae single ‘Country Life (Nice)’

Ras Karbi was born on the Island of Jamaica. After graduating the Jamaica School of Art, he was awarded scholarships by The Brooklyn Museum Art School in New York, and later by the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Here he studied sculpture and acting, while pursuing a degree in music at Brown University. ‘Country Life (Nice)’ is the name of his newest single release: ‘’The voices of the children create a promise of what was to come. The drum roll of Sly Dunbar, the guitar chops while as the lead vocal follows. Pressing against it, the young voices reinforces the joy of a life so nice, sweeter than sugar, and sweeter than spice, country life is really nice.’’ Enjoy!

Smart link to streaming platforms:

More information or request an interview? Please contact or call +31.20.4713107

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