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Promising duo ENE Yatt releases banger ‘’No Dull’’

ENE Yatt is the name of a talented Afrobeats duo based in Ghana and Nigeria. They pride themselves to be on a mission to reach the world through their music and to give a voice to the voiceless, with music that is heavily influenced by their indigenous roots, promoting the Afrobeat genre and African culture. Their newest release ‘’No Dull’’ is a feel good Afrobeat club banger, which actually fits into any kind of party and happy environment of celebration. You are guaranteed an amazing happiness when listening to this song, as ENE Yatt would call it. ‘’No Dull’’ is a song that speaks solely about being the life of the party, where you don't get any dull moment so all you have to do is "Ginger" and just vibe to the music. Life is for the living and that is what ‘’No Dull’’ by ENE Yatt brings to the table: the living Vibe. Enjoy! Smart link to streaming platforms:

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