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Olumide Denden releases inspiring song ‘’Go Harder’

‘’Become a ghost until visible. Make everything your fault. Find the beast within you. Throw yourself into pain. Cut out all the excuses. Go all in on yourself. Train like a warrior. Work like a robot. Eat like a king. Reject vices. Transform. Upgrade. Create. Thrive. Win.’’ This is ‘’Go Harder’’ by Olumide Denden, enjoy!

Odebunmi Oluwasegun Olumide known professionally as Olumide Denden is a Nigerian singer songwriter and recording artist, born in 1989 in Ota, Nigeria. The musician is active in the music industry since 2011, and he came into prominence after his hit single ‘’DenDen’’ grew popularity. Olumide Denden creates in the musical fields of Afrobeat, Afropop and pop. His endless talent brought him not only the kickstart of his musical career, but now also a record deal with experienced label Walboomers Music.

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