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Mr. Hazel releases inspiring trap song ‘Legumai’

Mr. Hazel is an experienced Caribbean artist and lyricist who isn’t afraid to pour out his heart on all kinds of different instrumentals. His musical styles range from Antillean music like Zouk, Kompa and Ritmo Combina to electro reggae and afro beat. His new single ‘Legumai’ describes that everyone wants to be successful, but no one wants to put in the effort. In order to make dreams come true, it involves making sacrifices, dedication, hard work, talent and faith. With a combination of flow, lyrics and rap, Mr. Hazel lets the public know that everyone has their own talents and that certain things are not suitable for everyone. Discover your talent and be the best at it. The trap beat is produced by the legendary Dj Mena$a.

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