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Mr. Hazel releases Electro Reggae single ‘Imposibel’

With his father born in Curaçao and his mother in Bonaire, artist and lyricist

Mr. Hazel learned all the finer Caribbean things in life. His music is a

combination of local Antillean music such as Zouk, Kompa and Ritmo Combina

combined with influences from the West Indies. On his new single ‘Imposibel’,

Mr. Hazel sings in Papiamento about problems in society in which he wonders

how it is possible that it can exist. How is it possible that there are homeless

people and people with hunger when there are more than enough resources?

Why am I being looked at strange in the store because of my skin color? Mr.

Hazel uses a positive Electro Reggae beat to tell his story. Enjoy!

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