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Jiggybang releases Afro fusion track ‘’Juju’’

Jiggybang a.k.a. Hezekiah Collins is a Nigerian Afro Pop/Fusion singer who lives in South Africa seeking for his music breakthrough. The fast rising star was raised by a Christian family in the city of Lagos, where he discovered his music talent as a drummist in church. In 2018 he released two tracks titled “Fantas” and “Tinini Tanana”, which turned out to be local hits. Since then Jiggybang has been performing regularly in South Africa. Recently he has signed with Walboomers Music to officially launch his promising recording career. Jiggybang is happy to announce the release of his new Afro Dance fusion track titled “Juju”. The rhythms and melodies are quite tactical and sound interesting. The track is inspired by loving unconditionally and people tend to be superstitious of superficial love. “Juju” is a well known word in the Western part of Africa similar to the meaning of the word “charm” in English language. Enjoy ‘’Juju’’!

Smart link naar streaming platforms:

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