Jessie Beretta releases brand new single ‘Here I Stand’

I see you, from a distance, I know you see me. I know, you know, what you are doing to me. Yet, no matter how hard you try to push me away. Here I stand to lend you my hand, to be there no matter what.

This is the story behind the new single ‘Here I Stand’ by Jessie Beretta. It tells the tale of heartache and the trials of two young people trying to find their way through the maze of life. Together and apart. Broken by each other but desperately trying to hold on to what they once had. Jessie Beretta is formed by four highly driven musicians with different musical backgrounds. The group existence routed from a huge passion of music, the love for working on original ideas and compositions, the need for the creation of an unique sound and the urge for live performance.


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