Hit producer YEYO787 releases single ‘’Indicame’’

Emilio Cancio-Bello, known globally as two-time Grammy Nominee and multiplatinum-selling Yeyo (YEYO787), was born in Cupey, Puerto Rico. Along with The DEY, he placed several songs in the Billboard Hot 100, Hot Latin Songs, Latin Airplay among other listings, with international hit ‘Walk Away’ as his biggest success.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Yeyo would get radio signals from a station in the Virgin Islands which would play reggae hits and classics from roots to dancehall all day. It was one his biggest influences growing up. Yeyo has always included elements from all the reggae subgenres in his own music. His newest single “Indicame” is his “lo-fi” tribute to classic dancehall, written and performed in his style of mixing rap with melody. Indícame means “tell me” or “let me know”, when you have a special connection with a friend, what they call a friend with benefits, and they are in a time of need. They can always count on that friend, like Stevie Wonder says, that’s what friends are for. It is a dark and sexy track designed to dance slow and tight all day and all night. Enjoy ‘’Indicame’’ by YEYO787!

Smart link to streaming platforms: https://songwhip.com/yeyo787/indicame