Hit producer YEYO787 releases single ‘D3scarga’

Emilio Cancio-Bello, known globally as two-time Grammy Nominee and multiplatinum-selling Yeyo (YEYO787), was born in Cupey, Puerto Rico. Along with The DEY, he placed several songs in the Billboard Hot 100, Hot Latin Songs, Latin Airplay among other listings, with international hit ‘Walk Away’ as his biggest success. In Spanish, the title of his newest release ‘D3scarga’ has multiple meanings: in musical terms it is a show of skill, and in social terms it is when a person “vents” and expresses themselves about issues concerning society. For YEYO787 ‘D3scarga’ is a return to his HipHop roots, written and produced by himself. It is a masterful display of wordplay and lyrical ability expressing issues that are affecting multiple generations on his beloved island of Puerto Rico and across the globe. Touching on subjects that are rarely addressed in today’s popular music. From education, family values, morals, ethics to the negative effects of social media abuse. For YEYO787 this is a historical moment in humanity, and he wants to contribute a much-needed dose of reality in the urban music scene. “Music has the power to drive culture, as artists we must be responsible choosing the subjects and images we project. It’s time to add a voice of reason in the mix before humanity disconnects and further divides into tribes on the Metaverse.” Enjoy ‘D3scarga’!

Smart link to streaming platforms: https://songwhip.com/yeyo787/d3scarga