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Hit producer Yeyo787 releases debut ‘Intuición’

Emilio Cancio-Bello, known globally as two-time Grammy Nominee and multiplatinum-selling Yeyo (Yeyo787), was born in Cupey, Puerto Rico. It was there were he became one of the pioneers of the Latin Hip-Hop and Urban scenes with the internationally acclaimed Shangai Assasins. In 2005, he signed a recording contract with Epic Records for his innovative group The DEY. Along with The DEY, he placed several songs in the Billboard Hot 100, Hot Latin Songs, Latin Airplay among other listings, with international hit ‘Walk Away’ as his biggest success (which remained in the Top 10 of the "Billboard Hot 100" list for 28 weeks in 2007). Recently Yeyo787 signed an exclusive agreement with Walboomers Music to launch the next step in his solo career, and today we are finally releasing his official Walboomers debut single! ‘Intuición’ is a unique, sexy and upbeat Trap/ Afrobeat & Soul fusion with Caribbean flair. Mixing live traditional elements with modern production techniques the music strikes a perfect balance for todays music. The title ‘Intuición’ means ‘Intuition’ and it is that human connection between two people without having to say any words that inspired the lyrics to the song. That moment when you lock eyes with another person and can have a whole conversation without speaking just by the way you look at each other. Enjoy!

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