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Hazel releases new single ‘Type A Way’

Hazel is an experienced Caribbean artist and lyricist who makes music with ease in and between different genres. His musical influences vary from Antillean music such as Zouk, Kompa and Ritmo Combina to Electro reggae, Afro beat and Hip Hop. His latest single ‘Type A Way’ is about when you are in a relationship and you are giving everything you have to your partner. But they can't see or value your love, time or energy because of there own selfishness and low self worth is drowning you into a toxic relationship. The only thing you want to do is build and spent time together, to grow and be loved. Instead you realize that you are in a unhealthy relationship and still lonely. So it's time to be done with it and move on and choose for your self worth and happiness. With a theatrical, mellow sound with Caribbean influenced music. Which you can vibe on is another banger produced by Ryson McMiller, is making Hazel feel some type a way. Enjoy!

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More information or request an interview? Please contact or call +31.20.4713107

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