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Halve releases classic urban gem ‘Techniek’

Halve a.k.a. Marlon Ristie rose to fame in the first decade of the century with the very

popular Suriname Kaskawi Kaseko bands like La Rouge and La Caz. Between several

stints between bands he signed an exclusive artist agreement with Walboomers Music

in 2006 and recorded many great songs produced with several very talented Dutch

urban music producers. Because of personal circumstances only the song ‘Suriname

RMX’ was officially released with a music video in 2007. Since 2019 we decided to open

our musical valve and started to release some of our best never released productions.

‘Techniek’ was recorded and produced with Kultivator from Aruba at the first

Walboomers Music recording studio in Amsterdam and is happy to please you. Enjoy!

Stream this track on your favorite streaming platform:

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