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Günther Brück releases his new single ‘Cenizas’ from his album ‘Entre Amigos’

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Günther Brück is an exceptional composer and bandleader and his new album busts with energy and poetry, employing a surprisingly strong yet fresh musical approach that combines different idioms and traditions. His new single ‘Cenizas’ is written by Manuel "Wello" Rivas, this famous bolero features latvian singer Kristīna Trezune. The first part is arranged as a Cuban rumba guaguancó for percussions, bass, piano and soprano saxophone, creating a singular space for the singer to start the theme. Kristīna Trezune’s voice is touching and intense, her rendition of this beautifully sad song is poignant and poetic. The second part of the arrangement evolves into a spirited guaracha, featuring an incredible conga solo by Roberto Quintero.

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