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FiloSofia releases debut album ‘Nuestra Historia’

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

FiloSofía’s first album, Nuestra Historia, is the result of the creative force of the band’s young and innovative minds. The music and arrangements were composed by Darko Sedak-Benčić and Luka Žužić, while the song lyrics were written by Sofija Široka. The album features songs belonging to different genres, including salsa, chachachá, danzón, pachanga, bomba, bolero, and a fusion of the Balkan and Cuban musical cultures in the song El Tranvia. Each song is an independent whole with its own specific arrangement, story and sentiment, and the lyrics reflect both the bright and dark sides of life. There is no denying that greed, superficiality, and hopelessness are as much a part of life as love, happiness, and joy of living, and FiloSofía does not shy away from this fact.


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