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ENE Yatt releases ‘’Jofunmi - Trapical Remix’’

ENE Yatt is the name of a talented Afrobeats duo based in Ghana and Nigeria. They pride themselves to be on a mission to reach the world through their music and to give a voice to the voiceless, with music that is heavily influenced by their indigenous roots, promoting the Afrobeat genre and African culture. Remix producer Emilio Cancio-Bello was immediately hooked by the vibe, cadence and flow of the ENE Yatt “Jofumi” vocals. He wanted to bring an energetic and vibrant approach to the production in his distinctive “Trapical” style of mixing African, Caribbean and trap elements together. He had a lot of fun putting together this remix and is very proud of the final product. It is almost impossible not to dance to it. Enjoy ‘’Jofunmi - Trapical Remix’’!

Smart link to streaming platforms:

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