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'End of the season' by Spiny Norman is re-released internationally!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

End Of The Season can best be described as a coming of age song. That stereotypical hedonistic slacker is pondering whether to substitute his one-night-stands for a one and only true love. The monotonous vocals and the repetitive lyrics serve as a trope for the emptiness of his existence, and contrast sharply with the uplifting, complex and refined instrumentation.

The sound of the buzzing fuzz guitar, the distorted bass, sparkling synthesizer and reverberant backing vocals, put the listener right in the center of a late summer day. The end of a season is in sight, just like an end of era is upon the indecisive narrator.

The song comes to a close with a close harmony, in which most of the instruments fall away. The urgency of the lyrics are emphasized by the thudding bass and the taps of the woodblock, signifying the ticking away of time. Eventually, the choice of love over lust is made, and the song swells up to a climactic crescendo.


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