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Duo ENE Yatt releases new tune called ‘Maze’

Nigerian-born Ghana-based duo ENE Yatt consist of two brothers. Born as Elvis Pamo Owugah and Richard Ebi Owugah, they attended the Immaculate Comprehensive College Omoku before moving to Ghana. Their music career sputtered to a start in a dance group from secondary school, leading to the formation of a three-man group then known as The Bounce. In 2011 the original group was split and ENE Yatt came to being: Evil Never Ends (ENE) and You Are The Truth (YATT). ‘Maze’ is the name of their newest banger and it speaks about freedom from our life’s setbacks, just like running away from anything that keeps one stock in a place. ‘Maze’ was inspired by their life experiences all through the journey of their music career, and they want to use this song to open the eyes of their listeners and fans to the reality that we all have our fears at some point in life but if we run out of that place then it is the ‘Maze’ that we run from, and we wont be trapped in it anymore. Enjoy!

Smart link to streaming platforms:

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