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Duo ENE Yatt releases Afrobeat song ‘Kpana’

ENE YATT is the name of an Afrobeats duo based in Ghana and Nigeria. They pride themselves to be on a mission to reach the world through their music and to give a voice to the voiceless. ENE is an acronym for “Evil Never Ends” and YATT is the acronym for “You Are The Truth.” Today we are finally releasing their newest single called ‘Kpana’. ‘Kpana’ is a title that connects to how a thing makes you feel, but in this case it speaks about how a girl you care about makes you feel. ‘Kpana’ expresses love in a very unique way and affection in a very African form. The melodies speak volume, the lyrics are very African oriented and you can just feel the Afro vibe in there. Basically through this song ENE Yatt tries to expose love and tell our fans that love is diverse; it just depends on how you decide to express it to those you care about. ‘’As musicians we are just a tool and medium to wow your imagination into seeing the true color of love and for our fans to spread that same love and let our voices be heard.’’ Enjoy ‘Kpana’ by ENE Yatt now!

Smart link to streaming platforms:

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