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Dando releases reggaeton track ‘Damelo’

Dando a.k.a. Jearnell Luidens is 35 years young, born in the Netherlands Antilles and one of the most versatile Caribbean artists based in Rotterdam South. With his energetic presence and performance, he has been able to make everyone dance and swing for years. With a number of awards such as “Best Urban Singer Curacao” and #1 songs in the FunX Charts, he already proved he is capable of being great. In his newest single ‘Damelo’, Dando has been longing for a certain person again for a while and wants her to touch him again and give attention. His deepest wish is that she hands him her body, mind and spirit so he can look for the ultimate border again and cross them together. Now is the time, the time is now to give and receive everything. Enjoy ‘Damelo’ !

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More information or request an interview? Please contact or call +31.20.4713107

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