Dando releases new single titled ‘Andale’

Dando a.k.a. Jearnell Luidens is one of the most versatile Caribbean artists based in Rotterdam-South. With his energetic presence and performance, he has been able to make a lot of people dance and swing for years. With a number of awards such as “Best Urban Singer Curacao” and #1 songs in the FunX Charts, he already proved he is capable of being great. His newest release ‘Andale’ is again a banging song by the talented artist. The beat was produced by Sedivi and really prompts Dando to go hard without hesitation. By singing ‘’Anda Andaleeee’’ Dando means to go straight to what needs to be done; come up and hurry. Even though the lyrics are primarily Spanish, listening to the sexy ‘Andale’ by Dando will not leave you in ignorance about what he is talking about. Enjoy!

Smart link to streaming platforms: https://songwhip.com/dando/andale