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Consumer Junk drop second single 'Needs' off their recent album 'The Gift Of Aggression'!

Two weeks ago Consumer Junk dropped their highly anticipated third studio album 'The Gift Of Aggression' containing ten tracks in total.

Today they drop their second single 'Needs'. This comes after the second single 'Decay' reached over 3,000 streams on Spotify. 'Needs' as a song stems from the theme of human needs. As can be heard in the opening of the song the words 'Food', 'Water', 'Shelter' & 'Security' come to the fore describing the four basic needs for humans to survive.

Accompanying these words is hammering drums & sharp electronic sounds. Coming in at 150bpm 'Needs' it is a hard dancefloor filler.

To accompany the single there is also a remix by Rotersand of the song 'My Friend'. Rotersand have managed to turn the song into a slower jam taking elements from Deep House and Dubstep to create a chilled and groovy anthem.

Stream / Download :

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