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Bottyman releases reggae anthem single ‘Kai Hen Nen’

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Today embarks the debut single ‘Kai Hen Nen’ by Suriname reggae artist Bottyman on Walboomers Music. Born as Shandaluh-Ronald Jackson in district Para back in 1998 his musical roots and family heritage originates from Saramacca, a district in the North of Suriname. Saramacca is also the name of a group of maroons established communities along the Saramacca river having fled slavery. This multi-talented singer and keyboard player started to perform from 2006 as Bottyman. His newest release ‘Kai Hen Nen’, which means ‘Call God’s Name’ in Saramaccan language as God sees you when you need help or when you cry, was recorded and produced by the heavily talented Suriname music producer Fredje Studio who already made name with great reggae riddims like ‘Aleke Roots’. Enjoy!

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