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Arlen Seaton releases debut single ‘’Fantasize’’

Arlen Seaton is an Antiguan singer-songwriter whose easy-as-molasses vocals charm the listener with a disarming sense of familiarity. It’s not the familiarity of a lyric heard before but of the stranger, sitting beside you in a bar, whom you feel like you’ve known all your life. His nostalgic style of storytelling through song owes a lot to his West Indian heritage of Calypso and folk tales as well as the influences of eclectic artists including the Mighty Sparrow, John Legend, Coldplay and the Cinematic Orchestra. His official Walboomers debut single ‘’Fantasize’’ is a grandiose rant in which Arlen airs his discontentment with his station in life as well as the socio-political climate at the time of his writing, while defiantly daring to dream big. He began writing the song during his grueling tenure in medical school when he truly began questioning his purpose in life. The song allowed for a bit of frivolous escapism from what, at the time, felt like the harshness of his reality. Lesroy ‘A.P.’ Byers of the Oakville Collective captures perfectly in the production, the sentiment of Arlen’s hopeful helplessness. Enjoy ‘’Fantasize’’!

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