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Afrobeats duo ENE Yatt releases single ‘’Zulu’’

ENE YATT is the name of an Afrobeats duo based in Ghana and Nigeria. They pride themselves to be on a mission to reach the world through their music and to give a voice to the voiceless. ENE is an acronym for “Evil Never Ends” and YATT is the acronym for “You Are The Truth.” Today we are finally releasing their new Amapiano-insipired single! ‘’Zulu’’ is an Afro dance song which describes Africans and Africa in the kingship light that they are. It talks about the journey from the bottom through the rough edges while keeping a chill vibe. The track puts you in the party mood, makes you forget your worries and just laugh, smile and exude this positive energy between people. The track fits perfectly well into what’s in trend and both the old and the young can connect on this vibe. This shows to say ‘’Zulu’’ stands for positivity and if you believe you are a King or a Queen, then you are a Zulu. Enjoy! Smart link to streaming platforms:

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