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In the midst of triumph, an unexpected agony unfolds. This gripping tale delves into the inner turmoil of a once-celebrated heroes, revealing the hidden burdens and sacrifices behind their glory. Explore the profound complexities of their journey as they grapple with the pain that comes with greatness.
O’Kenneth & Xlimkid’s artistry shines throughout, seamlessly blending powerful storytelling with captivating soundscapes. This EP serves as a powerful reminder that life's journey is a delicate balance between pain and glory, and it is in these contrasting moments that we discover our true selves. "Pain in Glory" is a must-listen for those who seek music with depth and resonance, offering a profound reflection on the human condition.

⎮Performer(s): O'Kenneth & Xlimkid
⎮Author(s): Kenneth Opoku, Jackson Kwadwo Bawuah, Yamoah Bandoh Prince

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