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An emerging artist, Nanos comes from a musical family where the sounds of music are deeply rooted in the culture. With a gospel singer for a father and a brother who is a producer, it was almost inevitable that Nanos would get carried away by the melodies. The spark was sparked when he started rapping and singing to his brother's beats, using a home studio setup with Fruity Loops and Logic Pro X. These creative home recordings formed the basis for Nanos' budding talent, a talent that was quickly noticed by his brother. Encouraged by his brother, Nanos began to develop himself and grow as an artist. In 2019 he broke through with his first single, which was received with open arms by the public. This breakthrough led to a contract with the Walboomers Music record label, which was an important step in his musical journey. Over the years, Nanos has worked steadily to find its own unique sound. He considers music as an art form and sees it as a way to convey messages to his listeners. Firmly grounded in his family musical heritage and a passion for conveying meaning through music, Nanos continues to challenge himself and his audience with his evolving musical journey.

NANOS (Release)