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After years of honing his craft under the moniker of Shy Rock (with Gotcha!, Amo-Lab and solo), Maikal X became the leading singer of the best selling Dutch Hip Hop Reggae group, ‘Postmen’. Maikal X has a unique voice with a raspy yet warm vocal tone. Maikal creates music in all genres with no restrictions, he also fully utilizes the possibilities of sound and makes different kinds of music. Apart from his singing abilities, he is considered one of the best MC’s in Holland, Belgium and the Dutch Caribbean.


After three Postmen albums, including hits, like ‘Cocktail’ and ‘You Wait’, Maikal X decided to continue his career as Reggae artist. His breakthrough single, ‘The Best In You’, garnered him critical acclaim all over the globe, which resulted in his album, ‘Genesis’, being distributed by the world renown Reggae label, VP Records. This album also spawned the hits of ‘Bear With Me’ and ‘Here She Comes’. International Reggae icons, such as Peetah Morgan (leading singer of the group Morgan Heritage), Luciano and Dean Fraser contributed to this debut.


Since 2016, Maikal X has been actively writing and recording demos to find a new musical spectrum for his future career. His latest single, ‘Push Along’, was co-written by Evan Warner and produced by Dutch producer, Quintin Stephen. This song combines several musical influences and musical genres resulting in an authentic and unique sound, which will lead Maikal X into new grounds and musical achievements. Maikal will keep making new music this year. He plans to have a new album in early 2019. Let’s keep an eye on his latest news and music!

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