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Günther Brück is one of the very few European musicians whose compositions and arrangements are regularly broadcasted by radio stations in Latin America and in The USA. Several of his songs are featured on various international Latin music compilations.

He has developed a music path that is rooted both in Jazz and in the Afrocuban/Carribean traditions, enabling him to move confidently between the two genres. His piano playing and his compositions stand out for their rhythmical complexity, strong and clearly structured melodic lines and for the use of modern jazz harmonies.

Born in Aachen, Germany, Günther Brück moved to Austria in his early twenties to study piano at the Arts University in Graz, where he soon started performing with Brazilian and Jazz bands.

The discovery of  Cuban music was a revelation: he felt an immediate and instinctual attraction to this new universe, began to listen and study Afro-Cuban music. Soon he realized the importance of composers like Ernesto Lecuona and Ignacio Cervantes and started a serial of travels to Cuba studying and assimilating various traditional Afro-Cuban music styles and other aspects of Cuban culture, from music to literature.

Throughout his career, he has been performing with great jazz artists like Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Sal Nistico, Sandy Cressman, Michael Philip Mossman, Valery Ponomarev, Howard Curtis and some legendary musicians from the Afro-Carribean scene such as Miguel “Anga“ Diaz and Roberto and Luisito Quintero.

In the summer of 2008, he composed, arranged, produced and recorded in New York the CD “Rumba para Viena” (Walbommer’s Latina) with his ensemble  “Clave Sonera”. The CD featured among others Raul Agraz, Pablo Santaella, Nelson Hernandez, Willie Torres, Roberto and Luisito Quintero and was received equally enthusiastically by the public and the international critics.

He has been the pianist of the Croatia-based Latin band Cubismo, writing and arranging for the orchestra, giving hundreds of live concerts and TV Shows, and winning eight Porin prizes. Aside from his own projects, he is currently arranging/composing/playing for several bands, including  Alejandra Torres group.

In December 2018 he received two gold medals for his work as pianist, composer, arranger and co-producer with the production, Renacer, by Alejandra Torres in the categories Best Album and Emerging Artist for Violin and Vocals.

A passionate educator, Günther Brück teaches jazz piano and leads the Latin Ensemble at the Arts University, Graz, Austria and he’s frequently travelling the world as an Ambassador for jazz education.


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