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Each single of the band’s upcoming record contains a message for you, our listener. This one says you look so beautiful when you smile. We're not being stingy with the truth, are we? Our fans put a smile on our faces anytime we come up on stage to jam and they sing along with us. Now it’s time for us to put one on yours and remind you that there could never be a more befitting curve on you.

⎮Performer(s): FRA!
⎮Author(s): Joshua Boateng, Martin Nyarkotey Adjartey, Ishmael Kugblenu, Benjamin Ashong, Emmanuel Selorm Dornyoh, Christian Agyei Prempeh, George Ashrifie Gogoe
⎮Producer(s): George Ashrifie Gogoe, Christian Agyei Prempeh, Emmanuel Selorm Dornyoh, Ishmael Kugblenu, Joshua Boateng, Benjamin Ashong, Martin Nyarkotey Adjartey

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