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At the core of every human interaction is friendship. The desire for affirmation from other people is hardwired into each and every one of us. That desire is only complete knowing that you have someone who has got your back. Well this goes two ways, you know? What do you do for someone who pledges an undying and immortal friendly shoulder for you? Someone who is your "buddy buddy" all through and through? You tell the person too "I Go Dey For You". Enjoy! The band hails from Ghana which has a rich history of bands which have been landmarks on the musical landscape worldwide. Bands like Osibisa and others promoted Ghana's culture and music in the 70s and 80s which led to a golden age of music in Ghana. FRA! has a mission to revive the organic live music that was hailed and enjoyed in that era and marry that style to modern trends in music. Now, together with Walboomers music, they are set to release a brand new album “Chale Wote” in June, and they are getting ready for their extensive European tour this upcoming summer. FRA! is ready to rock the world so keep your dates open for their upcoming releases!

⎮Performer(s): FRA!
⎮Author(s): Benjamin Ashong, Foster Enoch Doe, Martin Nyarkotey Adjartey, Joshua Boateng, Ishmael Kugblena, George Ashirifie Gogoe, Emmanuel Selorm Dornyoh
⎮Producer(s): Benjamin Ashong, Emmanuel Selorm Dornyoh, George Ashirifie Gogoe, Joshua Boateng, Martin Nyarkotey Adjartey, Foster Enoch Doe, Ishmael Kugblena

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