The idea of forming FiloSofía was born in 2014 in Croatia, and it took five years for the band to come together in the current line-up. It comes as no surprise that the band plays its own music, given its unique trait of featuring no less than four authors. Darko Sedak-Benčić, who is the creative director of the band and a concertmaster of the Slovenian Radiotelevision  Big Band Orchestra, has a degree in composition and trumpet performance. Luka Žužić, who holds a degree in classical piano and jazz trombone performance, is an award-winning music composer and arranger, known for his creative style of writing. Another distinguished member of the band is Miron Hauser, the conductor of the Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra, who holds a degree in trombone performance. Miron’s passion for Latin American music is reflected in his vast knowledge on the subject matter. And then there is Sofija Široka, the lead vocalist of the band, who holds a degree in Spanish and Hispanic literature, and is the author of the lyrics to all the songs.

When these authors joined forces with some of the best salsa connoisseurs in the former Yugoslav region, the result was a unique international band. The extraordinary Lázaro Amed Hierrezuelo, originally from Cuba, is an astonishingly talented artist – apart from being a violinist, singer and percussionist, he is also a charismatic performer. Aleš Avbelj is a superb bass and double bass player from Slovenia, whose musicality is apparent not only when he plays his instruments, but is also reflected in his arrangements and compositions. Vid Ušeničnik, another Slovenian musician, who holds a degree in percussion performance, is one of the most sought after artists in the region. And finally, we have Vid Begić, who holds a degree in film directing, but is also an extremely versatile  performer, singer, and dancer.

The songs performed by FiloSofía portray the everyday life of the modern man, offering a glimpse into the reality we all face every single day. While respecting the tradition of African-Caribbean music, FiloSofía enriches the salsa music it performs by incorporating innovative ideas of its young creative forces.

There are many features that make this band unique, but one of its most interesting aspects is the incredible dance talent of the lead and back‑up vocalists, who make each performance FiloSofía gives not only a musical delight, but also a visually enchanting experience.

FiloSofía will make you dance and sing, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a great time – come to their next concert!

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