Evan David Warner

Evan David Warner, a passionate Vermont-based artist, first started writing music at a pre-adolescent age. His nonsensical yet catchy songs developed as he began to take more notice of the music his father would play for him, such as Pink Floyd, Queen, Bowie, James Brown, and Michael Jackson. Having since developed his own taste in music, Evan has taken influence from the likes of King Crimson, Tame Impala, The Doors, Talking Heads, and Anderson Paak. These artists have heavily influenced his style, making him a multi-instrumentalist able to play guitar, drums, and now piano.


Evan is heavily gifted in song-writing, composing, poetry and film making, and creates true and honest music in it’s finest form. His music is undeniably captivating from the second you hear his love-glazed, smokey voice. The guy has got electricity running through his bones and he’ll share that feeling with you whenever you hear his profoundly poetic lyrics.

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