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ENE Yatt

ENE YATT is a talented Afrobeat/Dancehall duo from Nigeria, currently based in Ghana. Their name is connected to the music they create, ENE is an acronym for “Evil Never Ends” and YATT for “You Are The Truth.” Their songs are a symbol of hope for the new generation, a way to connect with other people from all around the world. They are bringing motivation to their audience and uphold the idea that anything is possible. Their music is influenced by their indigenous roots, promoting the Afrobeat genre and the African culture. The two brothers’ music career started through a dance group in secondary school, leading to the formation of a three-man group then known as The Bounce. In 2011 the original group was split, and ENE YATT came to being.


ENE YATT is striving for recognition and excellence, and ultimately building a path to success. The duo keeps creating music, already having new unreleased songs that they plan on putting out in the near future. They are optimistic about the future and firmly believe their music will change the world for the best, inspiring people to love more rightly and giving a voice to the voiceless. They are the definition of good vibes, if you are looking for a little bit more positivity in your life, keep an eye on their music.

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